Ruth is the author of 14 books, the producer of two CD’s, and an anointed poet. She teaches seminars on: Survival Skills, Health, Bible Prophecy, and End Time Events.

At the age of 16, God gave Ruth Henderson, aka Ruth Truth, the gift of poetry. Churches throughout Detroit, Michigan where she grew up used to call on her to recite poetry. Soon, Ruth’s dynamic poetry reciting presentations became very popular and in demand. However, due to Ruth’s young age, she did not realize just how much her poetry recitations were blessing people, so she buried her talent for 20 years. Eventually, Ruth ended up in a homeless shelter. She realized her only hope was God. So, she cried out to God and told him that she was not going to make a move until He showed her what He wanted to do with her life. It was then that God spoke to Ruth’s heart and reminded her of the gift of poetry that He had given her; and that He wanted her to start reciting poetry again. Soon after this divine revelation, God’s confirmation inspired Ruth to resume writing poems again. At a park near the shelter, Ruth began to take prayer walks, diligently seeking God; something astonishing began to happen. God began to give Ruth the words to poems! Literally, sometimes she had to run to her vehicle to get a sheet of paper and a pen, and start writing down the words. She felt as if God was her boss, and she was His secretary, taking dictations. Within just a year, Ruth had written enough poems to publish her first poetry book. Within five years, she had completed writing 14 books that are changing and improving people’s lives!

Ruth has recited poetry for audiences of all ranges, including individuals, small groups, and thousands of people via the radio. Her live performances are very inspirational, and sometimes her audiences have been so moved until they have given Ruth a standing ovation. Ruth takes no credit for her gift of poetry and gives all of the glory to God. Many of her poems convey strong, “tell-it-like-it-is” messages. Ruth actually ministers through her poems.

To Book Ruth, Send an Email to: giftofpoetry1004@yahoo.com Ruth also has many powerful and anointed messages on her Speaking the Truth with Ruth Truth TV Youtube Channel that you need to watch. Some of Ruth’s Youtube Message Titles:

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