Due to being a victim of domestic violence, the founder of the FOR LOVE – ANTI- RACISM-ANTI-HATE-ANTI-VIOLENCE T-SHIRT MOVEMENT became homeless. But instead of giving up, Ruth Henderson, aka Ruth Truth ended up writing 12 books that are helping to improve the lives of many others.

Ruth graduated from the University of Detroit with honors.  She travels throughout the United States teaching health, Bible prophecy, survival skills, life improvement seminars, and recites poetry from her poetry book, Good News in a Bad News World. Ruth is a relentless survivor who has also been the victim of racism; and as she began to recognize the dangerous increase of hate groups, hate crimes, racism, and school shootings, Ruth decided to become a pro-active part of the solution by designing the FOR LOVE AND NOT HATE T-SHIRTS. This unique T-shirt collection is not just another t-shirt line, but it represents a worthy cause and a movement to be used to help stop hate, and to help promote love, unity, and peace in a world too often filled with hate, racism, violence, and war.

The For Love T-shirt concept philosophy is… “When you wear a For Love T-Shirt, you will be telling the world that you STAND FOR LOVE AND NOT FOR HATE!” Ruth is also a gifted poet who has recited poetry on the radio to thousands of listeners, and when she recites her thought-provoking poetry publicly, she has received many standing ovations from her audiences due to her dynamic, tell-it- like-it-is and inspirational presentations. Ruth states: “I have been the victim of racism many times. But tragically, the disturbing way that the world is going, you could also be the next victim of racism or of a hate crime regardless of what race you are. Therefore, it is important that you please join me to help stop hate, before it’s too late! I love you so much, and I am so determined to do my part to help stop the increase of racism and hate crimes, until if you buy two FOR LOVE /ANTI-RACISM/ANTI-HATE TEES, I’m actually going to give you a very important BOOK or CD for ABSOLUTELY FREE! It’s time to let your voice be heard by letting the world know that you are FOR LOVE, and for One Race – The HUMAN RACE!” So, join the FOR LOVE MOVEMENT TODAY – WITHOUT DELAY!

To BOOK Ruth, send her an email at: giftofpoetry1004@yahoo.com.

One of Ruth’s Anti – Hate Poems!


Listen Up, EVERY BODY! We are all a part of the HUMAN FAMILY!

ALL LIVES ARE PRICE-LESS. And no one is WORTH-LESS. But truth be told; some more white police officers killed Another black boy today. “It was justified”— is what the police officers say. But how could it be justified when the black boy had no gun or knife? When will we stop this foolish hate and strife? Now, I know that there are some good police officers in our land. But I’m talking about the corrupt ones working incognito for the Ku Klux Klan. When will we wake up and see- We were not meant to be enemies? Regardless of skin color; we need to respect one another! All lives have purpose and worth. Every single person has importance on this earth. We are so much more than just the color of our skin. What gives us true value is the good character that shines forth from within. It’s sad some people have the sick mentality of Hitler. When they see someone of a different race, they want to pull the trigger. I am so tired of the hatred and bigotry; From people who don’t even know me. But one day there will be an end to police brutality. And racism and violence will not have the victory.

Hate is our real enemy; but Love is our friend. And in the End, – Love, Peace, and Justice will Win! Regardless of our race, all of our blood is red. We are better than hate, so, let us love instead!